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Trees For Sale: Chinese Chestnut trees, top cultivars from Missouri State University—Bareroot—2’- 3’ - $10.00, 3’- 6’ - $15.00. Sawtooth Oak Seedlings—$2.00 Grafted Pears—bareroot—$20.00—August through December ripening varieties. Chickapin—1 gallon pots—$10.00 Matt Jeane 318-533-3370

Custom built feed troughs on skids with metal roof. 4x8 -$380.00, 1Ton capacity bulk feeder—$825.00 Anthony Brown 318-357-0616 318-471-0120

Custom hay cutting and baling—318-478-2635 Howard Hollis

Custom hay cutting and baling — 318-478-2635 Howard Hollis

Custom built Livestock feed troughs on skids. Pressure treated lumber, heavy gauge metal roof, 4x8 -$330.00, 4x6-$320.00, 4x4—$270.00 1 Ton Bulk feeder—$700.00 318-357-0616 or 318-471-0120

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